Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Short Revisit: How I Got Schooled

I'll be the first to admit that I have been and continue to be completely schooled by my various peers as to music, regardless of how exponentially my own collection has grown over the years. One visit to Soul Sides or any number of other MP3 blogs confirm that on a daily basis, but, in light of Jay's edit on the last Revisited post, I thought I'd pay some quick respect (I got a flight to catch!).

I DJ'ed with Jay for a long stretch (my faulty memory has it at over 5 years) and with Marco on and off throughout that period, and it's no understatement as to how much I learned through that time (it's easy to give Sideshow Sid credit, but honestly, I probably learned more through my half-Asian compadres). While I will take credit for finally putting a name to a song for Jay (Massive Attack's "Unfinished Sympathy," which I clearly remember Jay asking me about when I played it at the Den, mostly because he couldn't remember the name of it), he did completely learn me as to this Greyboy track, which stayed in my record bag for years:

I'm not sure who first came to this Gaturs track that underlies the song (I think I stopped DJing by the time I bought it):

I don't nearly have enough time to go into how much the various VOX boys (James, Doig, Chiclo, Arif, Frank et al) contributed to the whole process during that time, but I do remember James telling me he preferred Nick Lowe to Elvis Costello (which I still kinda find crazy to this day). My two other Nick Lowe memories consist of waking up to "Mary Provost" on Chiclo's show all the time (along with Peggy Lee's "Fever"), and first hearing "So It Goes" on Grant's (the one that looked almost exactly like Rusty) show, which seemed like a revelation.

It was either Rusty or Arif that made me listen to Split Enz, and I'm still waiting for news of a reunion tour - this shizz sounds current:

A'ight - I gotta head to the airport for more important things.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

That Wesley Snipes Character

By now, everyone probably knows that "Bad" was originally intended by Quincy Jones to be a collaboration between Mike and Prince, but I've never actually heard Prince's side of it: