Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Songs I Managed to Listen to Today

There's basically two times through the day that I pay any attention to music: (i) the five or ten minutes it takes to haul my ass to and from the office, and (ii) at the actual office, depending on how busy the day goes. Which means to say I've got 10-20 minutes to give anything a good listen. There's always music at home, but if I gotta choose, you know I gots to watch THE COSBY KIDS ON OPRAH. That's not even a dilemma.

Here's where I am:
David Axelrod - "the Mental Traveller"

Did you know Paul McCartney owns a slew of Axelrod's publishing rights? That, on top of Buddy Holly's catalog. That guy has more money than Oprah.

Bobby Caldwell - "Open Your Eyes"

Smooth B - "I Want My Money Back"

There's nothing more wonderful than hearing someone rhyme about pie, meat, riding the bus and fighting a bull in a span of twenty seconds.

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