Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Strong Start

the dB's - "I'm In Love"

"Here's why Daniel Boulud's burger is better than yours: Ordering the original DB Burger...buys you ground sirloin stuffed with succulent braised short ribs, foie gras and preserved black truffle, made to order on a freshly baked Parmesan bun...In what must be a culinary first, the superthick stuffed patty sees the shredded short ribs actually cutting the fattiness of the foie and sirloin. What's more, the short rib stuffing involves numerous steps, the most impressive being pouring three bottles of dry red wine into a saucepan and then setting it aflame. Boulud has taken an essential yet basic piece of Americana and spirited it into a technique-driven masterpiece."

(from Amy Rosen's "Someone's in the Kitchen With Daniel," En Route, whose associated airline I can not endorse)

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