Saturday, May 02, 2009


At first I was going to write about the ongoing mindboggle that is known as the principal of Keswick High - or, more accurately, why no officials have come out to speak on the issue or reprimand the school officials - but I'd rather expend that energy on listening to version after version of Ahmad Jamal's "Swahililand," which is what I ended up doing.

There's an endless number of different versions of the song - and that's just out of Jamal's own output - but from what I can tell, the one from the out-of-print Jamal Plays Jamal seems to be IT. Thus:

Ahmad Jamal - "Swahililand"

And, for no real reason, the best cover of any song I have ever heard:

El Michels Affair - "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"

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  1. quite the statement for ema's take on odb (although gilles peterson did find it worthy enough to put on his myspace page). it's highly enjoyable, yet i'm still mesmerized by m-a ferguson's reworking of "fall in love" just a smidge more. call me romantic.