Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Alexkid's Mint

Y'know, it's pretty hard to fuck up 'easy,' but Alexkid went and did it on his first album, Bienvenida. Instead of releasing a fun, by the numbers French house album, dude went all dancefloor jazz on us and released a boring coffee table album. Though Bienvenida wasn't bad in its day, listening to it now reinforces the fact that so-called "dancefloor jazz" is really just code for "that lite jazz you hear on the Weather Channel."

It's a good thing, then, that Mint corrects most of those mistakes and gets back to basics. Mint is largely what you'd expect to come out of a city of Paris: sleek, minimalist (though not as fargone as what comes out of Detroit), vocalists up the yin-yang. What results is a fun album to listen to, a light background noise that gets the feet tappin' without force. While Bienvenida unintentionally came across as a pretentious coffee-house bore, Mint is a carefree party album. It's about time Alexkid put down those Pharoah Sanders albums and followed the lead of his civic brethren.

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