Monday, January 09, 2006

Welcome to the Clutterer OR Yet More Clutter to the Wasteful Worldwide Web

i figure a happy image is a good place to startanother year, another blog:
with the death of 1 2 3 4 blogs, you'd figure I would know better than to try and start a new one. the writing habit is a hard one to let die, though, and i'm too big of an asshole to let my opinions go undocumented...whether or not they're actually read is another matter. i've got an audience of one - my sweetheart - and that's more than enough.

so, the clutterer: i've got an inordinate amount of clutter lying about, and i figure it's about time i put it to some good use. cds i've bought and only listened to once, dvds i own and have never watched, etc. what lies ahead is a revisiting of each and every one, until either i run out of clutter (which is near impossible) or until i get so bored of myself that i run out of posts (which is always probable).

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