Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO's Electric Heavy Land

Now, I love Japanese psychedelic avant noise-rock as much as the next guy (read: not very much), but let me sum up the Acid Mothers' Electric Heavy Land for you:


Electric Heavy Land is a hard nut to listen to, and puts the old stamina to the test. I put it on and had to leave the room at least twice. It's like listening to 70's prog rock fronted by Yoko(which wouldn't technically be a bad thing), filtered through Doppler effect ad infinitum and processed through a tin can. It's extremely excrutiating, and I've only ever managed to listen to the whole thing through once (for this review, in fact).

I'm not opposed to Japanese noise-rock: the Boredoms got really Kraut-rock interesting with Super AE, and I'm at least respectful of Ghost. But apart from Acid Mothers' superficial hilarity (the group is really a "soul collective" which has been mistaken for a religious cult at times, and their website is pretty hee-larious shit too)(I'm especially curious as to who "Father Moo" is), this stuff just ain't for the masses, and while that in itself is a fine thing, this stuff just ain't for the rest of us, either.

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