Sunday, February 12, 2006

the Angel's No Gravity

I've been procrastinating about reviewing No Gravity, and have oscillated between reviewing this album and the other album the Angel had produced under the name "60 Channels." I've listened to both a number of times now, with nothing grabbing me from either. Both are quite boring, with No Gravity perhaps being the more hip-hop of the two, with heavy inflections of dub throughout.

Neither album is particularly noteworthy, apart from context. The Angel remains one of few female producers in the world of both hip hop and electronica, and certainly one of few female producers that have been at it for over a decade (nothing of note, though, apart from working with Monday Michiru and a few soundtracks). Negating that minute point of interest, though, and what remains is dull. It's not that No Gravity or any of the other work is mediocre (in fact, her remix of Donald Byrd's "Kofi" on The New Groove: Blue Note Remixed was quite good), it's just that it's overly average, with nothing that sets it apart. I've been procrastinating about writing about either, because neither album provides anything noteworthy enough to discuss.

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