Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006: Yet More Things That Went Over My Head

Combing through Fimoculous' incredible compendium of 2006 lists, here's a list of top 10 things from the past year that I was completely out of the loop on:

1. Music I Was Utterly Ill-Equipped to Comment On:
While I'm about 10% confident that I could pass some sort of intellectual judgment on Joanna Newsom's Ys, I'm completely intimidated by Scott Walker's Drift. As with Tilt, the album is so dense it'd take a diamond bit to cut through, and I'm playing with safety scissors. Way to make a guy feel inadequate, Walker.

2. Music I Should Have Listened To If I Would Just Burn My Files On To A CD For Christ's Sake. It's bewildering that I haven't paid any real attention to Ghostface, the Clipse or the Coup, despite having paid more than enough attention to, um, P Diddy. It's sitting on my computer, collecting digital dust. My hip hop head is hung in shame.

3. Comic Books I Have No Right to Own.It took me a few months to even find out that there was a new Acme Novelty out, and after a few months of bringing a copy home, it's still sitting unread on my shelf. I sometimes like to kid myself in thinking that it takes alot of energy to read (well, that kind of pathos, however funny, kinda does), but who am I kidding? I'm just easily distracted. Dishonorable Mention: I have yet to buy The Complete Peanuts 1961-1962.

4. Scientific Discoveries That I Thought Were Fictional: Thanks to John Hodgman, I thought that the fuzzy lobster was a thing of fantasy. Thanks to National Geographic, I now know that the Yeti Crab actually exists and lives in my (expansive) backyard. No word on whether it goes well with lemon butter.

5. An Inconvenient, Unaffordable Truth: For about a month or two after watching Inconvenient Truth and other global warming documentaries, and reading the articles about that UK global warming expense accounting, I really, really felt I should buy a Prius. The problem of 2006: I can't afford a Prius. The problem of 2007: I still can't afford a Prius.

6. Celluloid Glut: Out of the various films that have generally made all of the Top 10 lists, I have yet to see many of them. Never made it to see Babel, a copy of Volver sits on the shelf next to the Chris Ware book and where the Peanuts anthology should go, and I can't pass by posters of The Queen without thinking of Scott Thompson. Sorry, Helen Mirren.

7. Iran, Iran, Iran: With all the various horror stories from its neighbouring country and the outlying region in general, I knew that Iran was a concern - kind of a no-brainer. But I didn't know that Iran was having secret talks with Israel or that India was helping Iran with building the bomb, until I read the Top 10 Stories You Missed. Kind of an important tidbit to miss. Also: China, China, China.

8. The News I Do Keep Up With: Out of the Most Read Stories on Slate, the only one I actually read was about Starbucks' short cappucino. Not that I feel that guilty about missing an article about 7th Heaven.

9. I Was All Caught Up With the Panda: According to Discover, we're killing the Orangutan, whose numbers are down 95% in the past two centuries, coinciding with human settlement and clearing of forest habitat. Why did I think they were in plentiful numbers? Goddamn filthy monkey movies.

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