Thursday, January 18, 2007

Brass in the Pocket: Air's Pocket Symphony

If you're one of those fickle fans that absolutely hated Air's second album 10,000 Hz Legend for not following up on the shampoo-commercial-readiness of their debut, Moon Safari, you should be pretty appeased by Pocket Symphony. Out of all of the Air albums, this latest one pulls absolutely no punches, following the lines of their various S.Coppola soundtrack work and releasing a string-heavy album for those waiting and willing to ape their best sad sack Bill Murray. Pocket Symphony's certainly enjoyable, heavy on the melancholy romanticism that colours all Air albums, but devoid of those left-field tangents that either infuriated or captivated, depending on the listener (the more adventurous of you should probably seek out Jean-Benoit Dunkel's side project, Darkel).

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