Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Roots, Live and Direct

Both of us having come down with a cold, it was a little dubious as to whether we'd make it to see the Roots. It took me forever to wake up from the Nyquil, but I'd been waiting for this show for months, having always heard that the Roots are one of the best live shows around, hands down.

From reading Questo's blog, it sounded a little dubious as to whether they'd make it too: "i just took these chlorzoxazon pills and its like cliff huxtable telling claire about when he was training for his relay race that a bear was behind the bleechers and made him carry a big ass ice box."

Thus, I was a little trepidatious about the show. I've seen shitty live shows of artists I love before, and it can ruin a good thing. When the lights dimmed and the Roots did their marching band entrance, it was clear it wouldn't be the case.

I'll spare you from reading a live review - I always thought it sucked to read live reviews of great shows I missed out on. But I will say that Questlove, Kirk Franklin and the tuba player do this incredible, 20 minute version of "Masters of War" that's very powerful to watch, and Black Thought came into his own during the Motown-extended version of "The Seed v2.0" and covered (I think) the Commodores' "Sweet Love."

(It's quite odd watching a group wherein the drummer is the de facto leader, particularly for hip hop acts. For the most part, Black Thought doesn't stick out as a clear front man, mostly because there's so much going on to watch. But he did capture it during this encore, hinting at how soulful he could be, as a rapper or as a singer, if he'd cut loose even more - probably the most widespread criticism I've read of the man or of the Roots.)

There's an interesting phenomena of people recording live shows on their cellphones. I can't imagine it would end up being anything more than noisy audio and shaky-cam. That said, I've never been too into watching live shows recorded. To counter, here's Questo's vid-blog wherein he recounts his Tokyo purchases (how many live shows of Chicago could one possibly watch?):

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