Thursday, February 15, 2007


My friend Denise was telling me how, when she was in her very early 20s, she and her friends picked songs that represented themselves. Not favorite songs, but songs that fit their lives thematically. She picked Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again."


It's funny what gets dumped from Youtube nowadays. I can understand the various concerns of having someone post a new episode of "The Office" or something, but not entirely sure why Viacom would demand all the Whitesnake videos be removed. You'd think Whitesnake would do well to have a little more publicity.

What's more odd are the various homages to "Here I Go Again." I'm all for recognizing the subjectivity in musical tastes, but I think we can all objectively say it's one of the worst songs of all time. Apparently there's differing opinions on the matter.

(1) From what I can tell, this cover band is playing (i) "Here I Go Again" (ii) on a flat bed truck (iii) in a parking lot, at (iv) a show sponsored by a bank or credit union of some sort. There's 4 things already somewhat curious about that observation.

(2)There seems to be alot of self-recorded guitar solos on Youtube, but I wouldn't have chosen this song as a likely candidate. There's infinitely more that I haven't posted, but this guy seems the most personable, but in that I-don't-necessarily-ever-want-to-meet-you-but-I'm-sure-you're-nice kind of way. I can understand the Guitar Player magazine fans that this sort of thing would attract, but the comments hint at a niche-community I never knew existed: "You rock that was almost perfect. very impressed. but i do agree that you need some bending vibrato: my suggestion is just practice bending and just wiggle it up and down slowly and then gradually speed it up. bending vibratos are hard, but they are essential to help express emotion. btw can I get the tab for this?"
Rock is a pretty sexless thing nowadays, I guess.

(3)Given the rest of this band, it's odd that the drummer should choose to play without a shirt.

(4)You combine two odd fascinations - (1) Whitesnake, (2) Final Fantasy - and it becomes a third one.

(5)Perhaps the most minimalist of the bunch, this is just the song with an email address to reply to. Who is Jack Private? Not sure I want to know.


Complete aside: how awesomely self-conscious was this video?


  1. denise picked whitesnake? hmmm. no comment.

    so, what's your song?