Tuesday, March 20, 2007


You know who's friggin' old? Ornette Coleman. It's true - dude's still alive: think he was on the Grammys or the American Music Awards or some such, and he turned 77 a week and a half ago.

While I was looking for an Ornette video to post, I came across this snippet. Did you know someone did a Vandermark documentary? Now you do:

Anyway, Ornette Coleman (I think what Roland Kirk says midway through is "if you let the beat and the spirit get to you, let it explode!")(oh, and crazy cat John Cage is thrown in there for good measure):

While we're on this more-bang-for-yr-buck tangent, I'm a street-walkin' cheetah with a heart full of MP3s for you to rock yr lady to:

the Visioneers "Ike's Mood": I totally slept on this until I heard the Marc Mac podcast, and had no idea this album existed until Marco pointed me in the right direction. Still hate the name of the album though.

Radio Citizen "Everything": now, I thought 2006 wasn't a bad year for hip hop, despite a host of opinions to the contrary, and Ubiquity helped us all out with Ohmega Watts and this release. It's not Ornette Coleman/Roland Kirk earth-shattering, but bejeezus, give the guy a few more decades.

Tracy Thorn "It's All True": as crazy career arcs go, Ben Watt/Tracy Thorn's are up there. Not everyone goes from lite-FM acoustic pop to dancefloor power couple, but I suppose everyone's a multi-tasker these days. This is from Thorn's recent solo album, and one of the better 80s throwbacks I've heard in awhile.

Junior "Mama Used To Say": I've been digging on the mixes posted on Mass Corporation, and came across this mix from DJ Pump (I'm not overly certain it's the DJ Pump from Calgary - maybe it is, maybe it ain't), which had me all nostalgic for old school jams that I wasn't quite old enough to have ever listened to in their first run. It's an odd phenomenon, being nostalgic for faux-memories and never-experienced-experiences, and it's fair to say I wasted a whole chunk of time on it. But that sort of mumbo jumbo shouldn't keep one from enjoying this Junior song.

(btw: I've noticed the Divshare player doesn't always work, but you can still download the file)

Eric B and Rakim "Follow the Leader": With the plethora of MP3 blogs that do a fantastic job of posting the rarest of the rare and the newest of the new, I've been wondering if anyone just posts the plain old obvious. Eric B and Rakim's kind of a no-brainer. I prefer other tracks on this album more, but from what I recall Shidoshi always preferred this one.

Jody Watley and Rakim "Friends": For whatever reason, not a lot of people tend to remember this one. I seem to remember it being a big hit, but my memory's not the best. One of the original Vogue (as in the dance, not the magazine) guys is in this video, released in 89, which (I think) means it would've pre-dated Madonna's song.


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