Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Clearing House: Pt 3

There was a time when Tim Goldsworthy (DFA, LCD Toasteroven) was hanging out with James Lavelle as Unkle. These tracks would have come out either while Goldsworthy was still with Unkle or shortly after he had left, and definitely before DJ Shadow had really come in and mixed it up. This would've also been a time when Lavelle was making worlds collide (well, hemispheres), and unearthing Japanese hip hop for the Western world: Nigo was better known for having one of a slew of Japanese albums out on Mo'Wax, and not for Bathing Ape.

The Unkle full-lengths that came out after these singles got slammed to no end, but a re-listen to these tracks don't exactly reveal alot of muster to begin with (caveat: I tended to like Psyence Fiction, and don't mind the other two albums that followed). I've posted a Dan the Automator remix too: it doesn't get more mid/late 90s than this.

"Berry Meditation":

"Last Orgy 3 (Dan the Automator remix)":

"Rock On (DJ Yas remix)":

While I'm at it, here's "Lesson 1" of the famed Double Dee & Steinski lecture series:

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