Sunday, September 23, 2007

Clearing House: Pt 6

Just to prove how topical I am, here's some cuts from a Joy Division tribute album, just in time for that biopic to come out (and, oh, all those Interpol albums).

Tortoise - "As You Said": A cover of one of few instrumental Joy Division tracks (from what the Interweb authorities say, it hails from the Closer sessions and ultimately showed up on the Heart and Soul set). An interview in Wire later revealed that the track was also one of the reasons why Bundy Brown left Tortoise before Millions....

Girls Against Boys - "She's Lost Control": mid-90s, Girls Against Boys...seemed appropriate.

Low - "Transmission": This came out later as a separate EP for Low. One of few examples of someone out-bumming Joy Division (Codeine also appears on the tribute).

This wasn't on the tribute album (or from the same decade), but I figured it fit. Here's LCD Speakerphone's cover of "No Love Lost":

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