Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Funday

(1) Common with D'Angelo - "Ghetto Heaven Pt 2". It's been a long time since the Soulquarian age.

(2) DJ Jazzy Jeff with Little Brother - "Whatever U Want"

(3) I've been reading the comments on the Globe's Tibet/PRC coverage, and have been noticing an ongoing slugout between PRC-friendly readers (eg. Meng W, tulip7R, etc) and their critics (eg. Clark the Mighty, Republic of Saturn, etc). Without siding with either, there's been a deluge of "Yellow Peril"-type comments that get their expected response. What generally ensues afterwards, though, is surprising.

Many of the 'Yellow Peril" call-outs are usually countered with "race card" responses: i.e. 'stop playing the race card.' This is a problematic response. While the 'race card' has, at times, been thrown around flippantly and without proper thought, relegating any and all race-related response to over-sensitive PC thuggery only serves to erase race out of the equation, a fatal blow to discourse when, particularly in relation to "Yellow Peril" commentary, race is the point. It treats race as a non-issue, unworthy of proper discussion, and is, though perhaps unconsciously so, just as racist as an overt example.

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