Thursday, November 23, 2006

And Will.I.Am Still Looks Alot Like K-OS

Amidst all the Hova backlash, there's been something new cropping up: Black-Eyed Love. Yes, the group that Okayplayers loooooove (loooooooooooove) to hate are getting the props!

While "Humps" probably is one of the worst songs ever written and JJ Fad probably isn't getting any royalties from "Fergilicious" (though Nardwaur took them to task), it probably helps that Will.I.Am's finally taken over music. Just ask O-Dub, who wrote this Inside Bay Area piece extolling his not-quite-as-good-as-Timbaland virtues.

But it's this LA Times piece that proved most intriguing (courtesy Angry Asian Man). As it would turn out, "Bebot"'s become a Filipino hip hop anthem (a community whose love and understanding of hip hop can't be denied: see Q-Bert and the other Bay Area Filipino DJs, Canadian-equivalent DJ Pump) and guys like the TrackBastards popping up in every city), with Allan Pineda's grassroots campaign to put the video on heavy rotation on MTV. I haven't seen this sort of representation in mainstream media since the Ewoks learned Tagalog (and, apparently, nomadic Chinese).

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