Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Crit as Detritus

Can't say I fully subscribe to Dahlen's Pitchfork column re: sad state of criticism nee death of criticism, tags not seeming all that more appealing than what he's railing against, but I did like this sentiment: "We're not focused on judgment, so much as discovery." (BTW: who came up with "unfuckwithable" and why is it used everywhere now?) I'll leave the counter to Stylus, more out of laziness than anything else.

That said, I did like the Chicago Reader post about internet leaks, it being all gushy and nostalgic and me being all how-much-shit-have-I-downloaded-and-not-listened-to and what not. Again, I don't necessarily agree with the premise, but yes, the barrage of sub-par MP3s to sift through is mind-boggling. Buyer's remorse was probably more fun, though I doubt it.

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