Thursday, November 02, 2006

Letting It Sink InIt Sunk

I hadn't heard about Christgau getting fired, nor had I witnessed this blog, which reviews records/shows/etc in graphical format (providing further proof of the schtick known as mathematics). Both serve to remind me that brevity was never my strong suit, but here's an attempt anyway:

LCD Soundsystem's 45:33
James Murphy et al, hipsters du jour, who singlehandly made blazers in the dance club the new standard of dress, release a Nike-commissioned piece for 45:33 minutes of running, reminding us all again that they're fucking LCD Soundsystem, and we're all the fat kids that were never in shape. Negating the fact that LCD may/will succumb to the call to split this into shorter singles, the piece in its entirety works well as a long reminder that LCD are the coldest, most soul-less (and the most pragmatic) rock band around, and while that might sound like a diss, we still fawned over it like those poseurs in "Losing My Edge."

Quantic's An Announcement to Answer
Quantic's umpteenth release of the year sees him purposely getting sloppy to effect that funky looseness that's evaded his previous work. It doesn't entirely work - meticulous precision was something that benefited, not hindered, the older albums - and at times it sounds a little too 'worldbeat'-ish (and thus too average) for Quantic, coming across more like a lite Up, Bustle and Out. And, let's face it, Quantic hasn't ever been that great at producing beats for rappers, and guest Ohmega Watts ends up sounding flat.

K-Os's Atlantis:Hymns For Disco
Canada's hip hop renaissance man provides further proof that, in this post A Love Below hip hop world, merely rhyming just isn't enough. K-Os proves he's got one of the best musical ears of any genre, though he's relentlessly distracted in the notion that he's a lot more controversial than he really is - the guy's a friggin' teddy bear, no matter how much PE referencing he might do. K-Os' lyrics are only slightly better than Will.I.Am's (to whom he also bears an uncanny physical resemblance), even if he's proven to be a better musician, with better pop sensibilities than most. Atlantis continues K-Os' trend of releasing the country's best albums of the past two decades. Take heed: that "Saturday Night/Sunday Morning" song will be the ubiquitous autumn/winter hit.

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