Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bun, Donut.

Lemme tells ya: Langley is a far drive away. Like, a world.
But let's recap:
1. We did not get shot at by a gang member.
2. We did visit a breeder that had framed memorabilia from Graceland.
3. Said breeder left her teenage daughter to explain their puppies. I have never seen so much makeup on one teenager. OR: Every year, the more out of touch I get.
4. We went to a puppy store that was an old converted pool hall.
5. We took two trips to said store.
6. Bun came home this past weekend.

Lowrell - "Mellow Mellow Right On"

Badu - "Soldier"

Endnote: Last Vancouver girl on PR Canada - 90s parachute flared pants, avant-garde? Really? (Iman, voice of reason)

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