Tuesday, March 10, 2009

King of Slop

1. As tonight confirmed, no one has inspired more bad covers than Mike. But seriously: if you could choose any Mike song to cover, would the Jackson 5 cover of "Rockin' Robin" really be it? Really?

2. Also, when did "Jason Mraz-y" become something desirable? Alls I can smell is patchouli, dudes with neckbeads. RETURN.

3. As a matter of coincidence, this mix from the Rub is an excellent Mike primer: the MJ Mix. A particularly high set of props for going with lesser known songs.

4. If you're still not convinced, check the demo of "Don't Stop":

5. Of the gazimillion remixes of Mike, most are absolute failures. Mike does not need arbitrary house beats, breaks, rhymes, etc. Mike did not need that Akon travesty. The more successful ones try not to tinker too much. My favorites:

Jacko 5 - "We're Almost There (DJ Spinna remix)"

Mike - "I Can't Help It (Todd Terje rekut)"

6. Also: Mike, Neptunes - you talkin? Please?

7. I still stand by this (the song, not the video); my DJ friends did not (I'm looking at you, Marco).

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