Tuesday, March 17, 2009


1. Oh, internet and this age of EVERYTHING NOW: my hard drive has committed to your excess. For instance:

Public Enemy - "Fight the Power (Flavor Flav meets Spike Lee)": why was a B side mix of this song done with Flav basically talking out of his ass with Spike Lee? Check out the beef about George Michael midway through.

Public Enemy w/ the Roots - "Bring Da Noise" (from the Jimmy Fallon show): Black Thought does an okay Chuck D, but a not-so-good Flav. Did anyone else think this didn't quite live up to the hype?

2. While we're at it, why are there so many different versions of De La Soul's "Saturdays" I've never heard, and so little time to listen to them? (Not to mention attention span). Witness:

De La Soul - "A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays (Disco Fever mix)" - features a longer lead in, a few more breaks near the end

Same: "Ladies Nite Decision mix" - features more ladies, a new bassline fatter than deep fried guacamole (google that shit), and (impossibly) even more samples

And more: "What Yo Life Can Really Be mix" - features Dres from Black Sheep, more snaps, a Woody Woodpecker sample, and way less of the "Evil Vibrations" sample

3. The New Yorker article on Lily Allen mentioned that Nellee Hooper used to babysit her. WELL.
Eric B & Rakim - "Move the Crowd" (Wild Bunch remix)

Soul II Soul - "Back to Life" (12" mix; which eliminates the acappella intro, thus enabling one to get the groove on seconds earlier)

ENDNOTE (Boosterism edition):
Past: Gene Poole, will you also be posting my better hearing capabilities from the mid-90s? 'Cause I needs that shit back.
Present: what's with the two Vancouver bitches on Project Runway Canada? Fo' shame. (Also: Obakki, a credential? Really?)

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