Sunday, March 08, 2009


1. If Big Love has taught me anything, it is not to pick flowers on the hillside for one's ponytail (or, indeed, to doublecheck that one's ponytail is not jammed in the door).

2. If Watchmen (movie edition) has taught me anything, it is never to have sex to "Hallelujah." If Watchmen (book edition) has taught me anything, it is to never, ever use Bob Dylan as a running quote (also: owls, not as cool as originally thought).

3. There are too many food blogs that tell me nothing.

4. Calgary Cassettes, a plug: the archivalist effort is noble and commendable; the descriptions, chuckle-worthy; the nostalgia good for a day or two. But the comments left by visitors? Bejeezus, quit the 90s.

5. The drums on this track, bonkers: Bat for Lashes - "Glass"

6. OH, WAIT: THE 90's!
Boo Radleys - "Wish I Was Skinny"

1 comment:

  1. Sir. 90s. Or 90's. Both acceptable. But consistency is preferred.

    For example, I have stayed consistent in my inability to like Brass.